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Aging is feared by many due to the negative stigma and current culture of ageing. I am challenging the status quo of ageing by offering nutrition education, support & advocacy. But, I cannot achieve my goals alone. Find out how you can help.



 Dietitian & Senior Advocate

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Sabrina approaches all areas of her life with a deep curiosity and unique vision. In addition to her being a RD she owns the Grazing Goose (Sustainable Farm Foods) and is a mother to an 11 month old boy. Her newest addition is a service for senior care advocacy. Being part of the future 40 will assist Sabrina in bringing her message of compassionate elder care to a wider audience. We need to celebrate and support this talented woman in her passionate advocacy for the high quality care of seniors.
— Kavita Ram, Social worker RQHR; Nominated Ms. Bovee for SK's Top 40 Under 40